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EB James McGuire






Dr. James B Mc Guire

Temple University, Philadelphia


Volume 3 Issue 1

Volume 2 Issue 1

Volume 1 Issue 3

Volume 1 Issue 2 

Volume 1 Issue 1




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A Pilot Study on Health-Related Quality of Life and Caregiving Burden of Caregivers for Dementia: A Cross-sectional Report on the Pre-Test Assessment Results 

Alzheimer’s disease (AD), an irreversible and progressive disease,is the fourth leading cause of deaths among the elderly in the U.S.,following deaths fromheart disease,cancer, and stroke. The numberof people with AD is expected to reach 12 million in theU.S. AlthoughAD has been better understood from clinical studies, the pathogenesisof AD is not clearly identified.

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Nutrition and the Role of Tube Feeding in the Elderly

As the population ages, more elderly patients will come in contact withthe medical profession. Malnutrition among the elderly is common andoften, remains undetected by medical staff and carries serious implicationsfor generalpoor health, increased morbidity,mortality, mortality, prolonged hospital stay, poorwound healing, pressure sores andincreasingcosts.

Journal Highlights

  •     Chronological aging  
  •    Geriatrics and geroscience  
  •    Environmental gerontology  
  •    Bio gerontology  
  •    Sociogerontology  
  •    Psychogerontology  
  •    Biological theories of aging  
  •    Elderly care  
  •    Aging and memory  
  •    Clinical Geropsychology
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